The Casual Bee Boutique is a collection of fun and colorful sports bras, t-shirts, crop tops, and more designed with YOU in mind! A combination of magical and inspirational designs meant to spread happiness and cheer to all.

Inspired by the worker bee, a symbol of hard work and dedication. It's time to get casual and have some fun!


My name is Bre (aka @business.belle) and I founded Casual Bee as a side business and passion project to share my love of magic and inspire every Princess Boss out there to reach for their goals. I want every girl to know that anything is possible with a little good old fashioned hard work! Designs in the shop are inspired by a combination of what makes me a Princess Boss (like my love for Disney and all things feminine and colorful) and inspirational messaging to encourage girls and women to chase after their dreams. 
A Princess Boss can be many things, but the one thing every Princess Boss has in common is the heart. Anything that makes a Princess Boss happy is encouraged, loved, and cherished. Don't smother the flame of your childlike spirit, embrace it. Own it. Love it. Because you can be professional, and still be a princess. You can be a superhero mom, and still have a soft spot for cartoons. And because you can be YOU, Princess Boss. 
Thanks for stopping by, and keep dreaming!