What makes a Princess Boss?

For a woman in the corporate world, the phrase "that's not very professional" is the equivalent of a dislike button on social media: demoralizing, embarrassing, and a total blow to confidence and self esteem needed to succeed in any business environment.  

I remember starting out in the Finance and Investment Banking world, I never talked about the things I was interested in (like everything Disney, watching the TODAY show, dancing to songs from the 50's, to name a few...) because they were deemed "unprofessional."  A few years into the work world, I realized I wasn't speaking much at all and my coworkers weren't getting to know the real me because I was too afraid of being perceived as childish and unprofessional. I accepted the things that I love as a part of who I am and what makes ME, ME. I started to open up and realized that my coworkers actually liked me more for it. PHEW! It was such a relief to just be myself and own what makes me happy. I want every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. I want every girl boss to be a Princess Boss and step up to make a difference in this world. Because moms deserve to have a glass of wine and watch their favorite shows. Because Teachers are human too. Because it's okay to be professional AND a princess. 

It's time to change the tide. In a world where mental health is paramount, working from home is the new norm, and Casual Mondays are the new Casual Fridays, we're replacing "that's not very professional" with #PRINCESSBOSS. 

A Princess Boss is authentic. She is her true self. She will never again hide the things labeled "guilty pleasures" that could also be classified as the things she is most passionate about. A Princess Boss works hard at everything she does, but takes time for herself and finds balance in work and play. She is a Boss in the boardroom, but a kid at heart. 


What makes you a #PRINCESSBOSS?

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